Virtuoso Is Elevated Travel
When it comes to experiencing the best of the best in travel, it’s all about who you know.

Virtuoso is the leading global network of luxury travel advisors, who work with top destinations and a vetted portfolio of the best travel brands globally. Travelers who have a Virtuoso Advisor tap into a world of in-the-know expertise, unbelievable travel perks, support throughout their travels, and – most importantly – warmer welcomes, deeper connections, and superior experiences in the places they visit.

We charge a planning fee

...Because we work for YOU!

We will invest time and expertise in creating customized itineraries that meet your specific needs and preferences. Including a planning fee allows us to be transparent about costs, and focus on my relationship with you, while providing personalized service and expertise. 

Each trip will be unique and I have three services levels to suit your needs and the type of trip: Getaways, Vacations, and Excursions

Let us help you herd those cats.

Girls weekend? Family Reunion? Destination wedding or vow renewal? 

Using a travel consultant for your group can help with logistics, coordination, and negotiating group rates, while also providing personalized service and expertise in creating customized itineraries that meet the specific needs and preferences of the group.

Planning fees are determined by the size of your group and the details involved. I may retain specialized planners or onsite experts at an additional cost to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch...well unless you want to get hitched of course!

Planning Fees Determined After Consultation