Travel should be fun, enriching...and safe.
LGBTQ+ people face unique travel issues wherever they go

As your travel advisor, the biggest part of my job is to make sure that your trip runs smoothly. I'm a card carrying member of the alphabet mafia, and I'm all too aware of the challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to traveling abroad, or even in our own country. 

Let's work together to find your next perfect adventure that will be enriching, exciting and safe!

Gay Cruises, Gay Tours, Gay Pride...OH MY!
Travel with your people, on your terms

Gone are the days when "Gay Travel" meant speedos and sun tan lotion on the lido deck. LGBTQ+ Tour operators abound!

There's hardly any type of travel niche that isn't served by one LGBTQ+ company or another. From cruises, to guided tours, to special events, if you want to be with other members of the most colorful community, we can find it!